Phlox Gisele ‘Hot Pink’

Phlox Gisele Fi

Punching Out Attitude with Large Flower Clusters and Lasting Performance! Height: 25cm – 30cmWidth: 35cm – 45cmPlant Habit: MoundedExposure: SunBloom Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn Phlox…

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Salvia ‘Black & Bloom’

Salvia Black & Bloom Label

Salvia Black & Bloom – Easy to grow, requiring little attention!     Height:    90cm – 122cm Width:    90cm – 122cm Habit:    Upright Exposure:   …

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GardenMum Shabby Chic

GardenMum Shabby Chic Label

GardenMum Shabby Chic – will be the DIVA of the Autumn garden! Height: 36-61cmWidth: 51-91cmHabit: MoundedExposure: Full Sun – 6+ hours direct sun GardenMum ‘Shabby…

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Geranium Pinktastic

Geranium Pinktastic Label

Geranium Pinktastic – is the easiest to select, grow and sell! Height: 30-36cmWidth: 30-36cmExposure: Full Sun – 6+ hours direct sun A cause-related marketing program…

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