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Pen Cap 2020

Get Ready To Visit This Years - BGT 2021 - WEEK 49
Tuesday 7th – Friday 10th December 2021
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Welcome to the Ball Australia Grower Trials where our varieties continue to keep colour in the world of gardening.

Growers need plants that are easy to produce, retailers need plants with strong sell-through and consumers need plants with excellent garden performance. As a way of addressing these needs for our grower customers, landscapers and retailers we convert part of our nursery grounds into a trial garden and host a week of viewing in the month of December.

We present the best of premium annual and perennial flowering varieties and an ever-growing selection of indoor plants. All bred around innovative genetics for performance and market suitability. Our established retail brands with Natures Décor and Simply Beautiful link quality to reliability, supporting Independent Garden Centres and major retailers with successful marketing programs.

One of the key benefits to visiting the trials is seeing the habits and performance of a wide selection of plants, good or bad, within a real garden setting. A perfect way for testing and evaluating the suitability of new and existing plant lines for the markets they are being considered for.

Ball Grower Trials 2020