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Tuesday 7th – Friday 10th December 2021
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Pen Cap 2020

As a way of addressing a high demand for our grower customers, landscapers and retailers to view the breadth of plant lines that we offer, we have converted part of our nursery grounds into a trial garden and host a week of viewing.

This is a unique offering to the horticultural industry that showcases hundreds of plant varieties all displayed within actual growing conditions in garden beds, containers and hanging baskets. There is also a selection of new and experimental lines, hanging basket combinations, potential landscape lines, as-well-as on hand support and advice.

One of the key benefits to visiting the trials is being able to see the habits and performance of a wide selection of plants, good or bad, within real garden settings. A perfect way of testing and evaluating the suitability of new and existing plant lines for the markets they are being considered for.

Ball Grower Trials 2020

Paul Boland Welcome
Inside our Production - Take the Tour
Zepiti Rose

Day 1 – BGT 2020

DAY 3 BGT – Petunia Blueberries & Cream

Day 2- BGT 2020

DAY 4 BGT – Dahlias Dalinas

Day 2- BGT 2020

DAY 4 BGT Begonia Bewitched

DAY 3 BGT Salvias

Last Day Final Wrap


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