Dianthus Dart White

  • Scientific Name: Dianthus barbatus
  • Habits: Upright
  • Height: 15cm – 30cm
  • Spacing:
  • Width: 15cm – 20cm
  • Exposure: Sun
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  • This new series doesn’t require heat for production, compared to other spring products
  • Naturally fits in more pot sizes with fewer to no PGRs, and more plants can be grown per square foot/metre compared to other varieties.
  • More layers can be transported on a rack due to the compact habit
  • Dart shows much more colour at retail compared to competing series, and has the potential for more blooming
  • Suitable for both small (130-150mm) and larger (190-250mm) pots
  • Fits nicely into retail programs due to its versatility in all pot sizes and a uniform flowering window for all colours except Scarlet, which is 1 week later to flower