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Agapanthus Summer Love Blue

Label Code: Natures Décor
  • Scientific Name: Agapanthus africanus
  • Habits: Mounded
  • Height: 40cm – 50cm
  • Spacing: 40cm – 50cm
  • Width: 40cm – 50cm
  • Exposure: Sun


Striking, medium blue flowers come quickly and in abundance from spring through to first frost

Blooms open on compact, straight stems, growing together in such a way as to form a sort of screen on each scape

These floriferous plants start blooming sooner than most other types of agapanthus, unfurling large numbers of lovely, new blooms almost ceaselessly throughout the summer (most agapanthus bloom only once per season)

The bell-shaped flowers form in somewhat spherical clusters; the foliage of both is deep green and grasslike

Butterflies are drawn to the fragrant blooms, which can be used in containers, garden beds, and also make great cut flowers

Drought tolerant and ease of growth.