Ball Australia are promoters of first-to-market high demand plants.
The range of vegetative varieties on offer are always being reviewed and updated.

Ball Australia is a leading supplier of vegetatively propagated plant varieties

Our leading genetics are sourced from breeders worldwide offering a reliable supply of disease-free certified cuttings.

Ball Australia has invested in a high-health elite motherstock facility initated from clean virus indexed material.

We have a post entry quarantine house allowing the company to manage an end to end high-quality supply chain. Our vegetative varieties are grown in 105 size plug trays.

We offer the following vegetative ranges:

  • Vegetative Flower
  • Vegetative Cut Flower
  • Vegetative Herb

We focus on building a well-established root system so your plugs have a strong start after transplanting from the tray.

Soil moisture management is key in the building of a successful root mass so that the liners are easy to handle and will quickly take off in their new soil. We make this a key focus of our growing strategy.