Tissue Culture

A comprehensive range of tissue culture plants are selected for their superior growth characteristics and consumer popularity.
Strong, uniform growth offers greater tolerance to disease.

Diverse collection and selection

Ball Australia works with experts in the field of tissue culture to choose the right varieties with cultural habits that perform to suit both consumer and landscaper for Australian conditions.

Varieties that arrive from overseas undergo a rigorous biosecurity inspection to ensure no signs of disease or pathogens are present. Because of this Ball Australia is healthy stock.


Extensive sourcing

We source from laboratories around the world, allowing us to make sure you always have the best products. The basis of tissue culture is to use a small piece of tissue from a ‘mother plant’ to grow many new copies of the original plant – ensuring same genetic consistency.
We de-flask our tissue culture into 105 trays and offer the following ranges: Ferns / Indoor varieties / Landscape lines / Succulents/ Flowering Plants/ Berries

Tissue Culture
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How Tissue Culture Production Works

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