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Vinca Tattoo Tangerine

Label Code: Seed Promo: 51-5956
  • Scientific Name: Catharanthus roseus
  • Habits: Mounded
  • Height: 25cm – 35cm
  • Spacing: 15cm – 25cm
  • Width: 15cm – 20cm
  • Exposure: Sun


Very floriferous and well-branched plants display one-of-a-kind flowers with an overlapping, fully rounded form that won’t show gaps in hot temperatures

3 to 5-day flowering window with an appealing upright habit across all colours

Outstanding in hot and sunny conditions NOTE: Tattoo blooms display the best colour contrast under warm conditions with higher light; colours brighten with increased temperatures and light. Grown under cooler conditions and lower light, colours appear darker overall with less contrast