Cucumber Quick Snack

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  • Scientific Name: Cucumis sativus
  • Habits: Climbing | Trailing
  • Height: 50cm – 60cm
  • Spacing: 40cm – 50cm
  • Width: 40cm – 50cm
  • Exposure: Sun
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  • Parthenocarpic variety will set fruit without a pollinator – if grown on its own, fruit will be seedless; if grown next to other cucumbers with male flowers, there is potential to set seed
  • Produces handfuls of small, cocktail-sized cucumbers – deliciously crisp and sweet!
  • Perfect for growing indoors or on a balcony – be sure to place it in a location with high light and keep well-watered to allow fruit to mature
  • Plants benefit from being trellised to keep upright and pinched when plant reaches top of trellis
  • Days to maturity: 38-45 – for best flavour, pick when fruit is 4-6cm long