Salvia Salmia Pink

Label Code: Natures Décor: 51-8069 | Simply Beautiful: 51-8095 | Lollipop Promo
  • Scientific Name: Salvia buchananii
  • Habits: Upright
  • Height: 35cm – 70cm
  • Spacing: 30cm – 45cm
  • Width: 25cm – 40cm
  • Exposure: Sun
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  • Features pink flowers with a “rose gold” calyx and a matching pedicel colour, as well as attractive dark green foliage
  • This striking, large-blooming plant thrives in a variety of growing conditions and attracts a range of pollinators
  • This perennial salvia extends your shipping and selling season and is great for late-spring to autumn sales
  • It finishes fast on a nice medium-vigour, rounded habit
  • Sturdy stems are ideal for shipping and for hold at retail; blooms last longer and branch better than seed salvia