Salvia Roman Red

Label Code: Simply Beautiful: 51-6567 | Natures Décor: 51-6566 | Ball Promo: 51-6569
  • Scientific Name: Salvia hybrid (S. splendens x S. darcyi)
  • Habits: Upright | Mounded
  • Height: 70cm – 85cm
  • Spacing:
  • Width: 70cm – 90cm
  • Exposure: Part Sun | Sun
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  • The only vibrant red interspecific salvia on the market
  • More similar in habit and performance to ‘Black & Bloom’, with a semi-mounded habit
  • Has a more compact habit compared to the leading competitor’s red, along with medium green foliage
  • Offers exceptional landscape performance when compared to _Salvia splendens_