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Carnation Scully

Label Code: Natures Décor: 51-7662 | Simply Beautiful: 51-7604
  • Scientific Name: Dianthus caryophyllus
  • Habits: Upright
  • Height: 25cm – 35cm
  • Spacing: 25cm – 30cm
  • Width: 20cm – 30cm
  • Exposure: Sun


This variety will catch your eye from far away due to its intense, bright colour, emphasized by the dark leaves and very dark buds

The flowers grow singly but in large numbers, are long-living and stand out well against the leaves

Handles cold and wet conditions very well while thriving throughout the summer; can be grown under very cold conditions for low-energy growing

Versatile Scully can be targeted for indoor programs as a premium potted plant, as well as a garden sales opportunity