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Begonia Hula Red White Bicolour

  • Scientific Name: Begonia x hybrida
  • Habits: Spreading
  • Height: 15cm – 25cm
  • Spacing: 30cm – 50cm
  • Width: 50cm – 70cm
  • Exposure: Part Sun | Shade | Sun


Hula is a unique spreading type of begonia that is highly branched with lots of small flowers

Its trailing habit is perfect for baskets and containers

Provides an instant performance advantage for landscapers, with masses of flowers showing on top

The series is daylength neutral and it is the earliest interspecific begonia to flower, with timing similar to BabyWing

Small flowers compared to Megawatt or Dragon Wing, but with the high number of flowers, it has great colour impact

Hula starts to spread at an early stage, and along with early flowering, it provides growers with a high-quality, attractive, salable plant that is covered with blooms at retail, in both hanging baskets and smaller pot sizes