Begonia Gryphon

Label Code: Natures Décor: 51-1078 | Simply Beautiful: 51-3013
  • Scientific Name: Begonia x hybrida
  • Habits: Upright | Mounded
  • Height: 35cm – 40cm
  • Spacing: 40cm – 45cm
  • Width: 40cm – 45cm
  • Exposure: Part Sun
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  • Dramatic, yet low maintenance foliage plant
  • Fits into existing begonia plug culture, easier and quicker to produce than vegetative foliage types
  • More tolerant of stress than Rex begonias
  • Versatile – for outdoor container and indoor potted plant sales
  • Great planted solo, or as part of a mixed combo
  • Low-maintenance and will tolerate shade, partial shade and dry conditions