Plug In Hand

What is a plug?

Plug plants are young plants with well-established, complete and independent root systems. They are raised in small, individual cells, ready to be transplanted on into a range of different pot or tray sizes.

Plants grown from plugs grow rapidly and symmetrically when planted out. Our plugs are produced in a high tech growing environment with strict hygiene control for healthy results.

Our plugs are available in the following 6 tray sizes:

  • A most cost effective plug for seedling production
  • Suitable for mechanical handling
  • Available for seed raised products only
512 Plug Tray
512 Plug
  • Designed with automated transplanting machines in mind
  • Ideal size for potted colour and packs
  • Available for seed raised products only
288 Plug Tray
288 Plug
  • Ideal size for high $ value crops
  • Available for seed raised products only
144 Plug Tray
144 Plug
  • Perfect size for larger pot programs
  • Available in all tissue culture products & most vegetative items
  • Economic method for smaller production runs
  • Best economy for shipping
  • Available for most vegetative items
26 Plug
  • Best suited size for crops that need more space when growing
  • Available for Geraniums, Trixis and Poinsettias, GardenMums
26 Plug
26 Plug Tray
  • Suitable for Cut Flower Alstroemerias and Gerberas
Jiffy Plug