Ball Grower Trials 2022

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Welcome to the 2022 Ball Grower Trials

Tuesday 6th - Friday 9th December 2022

Open hours: 9am - 4pm

Nursery Tours Held Daily at 11.00am or 1pm / Book in on arrival at BGT

Viable and innovative flowers for beautiful garden performance

Ball Australia is part of a global family of breeders and researchers.
We continue to partner with some of the leading plant breeders and suppliers – overseas and locally, to bring new and exciting varieties to the Australian market from all corners of the world.

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At this years Ball Grower Trials

Within our display gardens this year we have two industry related displays.....

Garden City Plastics, Norwood and Polymer Processors will be promoting the collection of PP5 Material. This is in the form of Plastic Plant Pots, Plastic Carry Trays, Plastic Seedling Punnets and of course their Labels. ALL PP5. We guarantee 100% of what’s collected is returned to GCP to manufacture back into more horticultural products.

Head to: to see the video and find out how you can be a part of this PP5 Recycling Program.

ICL will also be showcasing a display presenting how the rate and choice of controlled release fertiliser can influence plant growth, structure, finishing time and ultimately retail shelf life.

We are thrilled to be hosting the NGIV Tree & Shrub Growers breakfast at our nursery this year on Wednesday 7th December.
Tours of our nursery will be offered for those who attend the breakfast event.
For more details and to book in, please visit the NGIV website: NGIV Tree & Shrub Growers Event December 2022

Ball Grower Trials 2022

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